Promises, Promises...

I spent a few moments walking around Transfiguration Church Sunday afternoon. As you can see by the following photos, there has been no progress made in the last three days since Bill Trezevant promised to take immediate steps to better secure the building and protect pedestrians from the falling slate.

Here's a roof view from the back of the church.
View along Mills Street and the non-existent perimeter fencing that was promised.
And two additional views. The front door is still wide open and rear basement window is not secure.
IMG_8136 IMG_8147
Empty promises, I know...
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Michele J said...

IMO these pics show just how dangerous Transfiguration has become..
On the next scheduled court date I would take these pictures to the prosecutor ( make 3 copies) 1 for the Judge, Prosecutor and the Defendant..If he was ordered to secure the property by a certain date and did not do so than this is imformation the court needs to be aware of.

neighborhood resident said...

What is the cost of securing the building, removing the roof, establishing an endowment for maintenance and repair, and continuing a use as an urban park/ruin?? Surely it is far less than demolition, landfill and a market-less vacant lot.

This could be a premier project for Buffalo Re-Use to selectively demolish, recycle and re-use as much as possible both in actual building materials and facility usage.

It is time for the owner and City to step up and get some engineering, demolition and re-use plans going. Other than that they may be negligent and responsible for anything that happens there.

Mr. Trezevant and Ms. Nowak, please take care of the buildings for our City and our people. You got a bargain for the purchase of $7000, accepted $50,000 in federal/state funds to begin rehab and all there is to show for it is a stripped out dangerous firetrap of a building with holes in the roof and a lousy chainlink fence. Even Scott Wizig re-invested more in his properties than you and your company has. NOW IS THE TIME TO REDEEM YOURSELF!!!! HELP SET YOURSELF FREE!!!

What would Judas do? said...

Set fire to the building and put firefighters and residents at risk?

Anonymous said...

There is significantly more deterioration to the roof evident than when we last visited the site, on April 9. --Chip