Lawn Job?

I've been reporting on Rev. Stenhouse's colossal lack of stewardship regarding a string of properties around the new permanent home of Performing Arts HS. He's Executive Director of Bethel Community Development - owner of said houses - and is the pastor of Bethel AME Church pictured on the right in the photo below. I've called the series - Boarding Control - as Rev. Stenhouse is also the Secretary/Treasurer of Buffalo's Fiscal Stability Authority. Most people from Buffalo call this the Control Board.
I've been Rev. Stenhouse's lawn-boy for the past two years for this patch of the urban prarie that Bethel CDC owns. Have given up, yet just this past week a neighbor called me and told that City crews were out mowing the praire grass that was over 18" high.

Wonder if Rev. Stenhouse has the same arrangement with City crews for his own residence at 174 Jewett Parkway, just down the street from the Darwin Martin House. And yes, the houses along Michigan Avenue were still wide open this afternoon.

No active Inspection Department files for Rev. Stenhouse. Ever wonder why?
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STEEL said...

seems like the kind of story the Buffalo News should be reporting on. Does he pay taxes on those houses?

Michele J said...

I think you should submit him a bill for lawncare!

Chris H said...

Dave, have you made formal complaints to Inspections on all the properties you document? When these are received, the City is obligated to act, particularly if their lack of action can be construed as contributing to a safety hazard...