93 Riley - Almost Gone

One of the houses that I've identified for urban homesteading was visited by the red mark of death this week.
93 Riley is a short two block walk from Main Street and within the Artspace Impact area. Despite some minor roof problems and front porch issue, 93 appears to be excellent shape, structurally.

The paper work on the door and the red ribbon - protecting the public from the asbestos hazard will certainly push the demolition of this house to the mid 20K range. Just like this one - 125 Woodlawn - that came down for 23K a few months ago.

Again, seems like this demolition money would go along way towards helping someone out with renovations.

Strange, no? The Jimmy Griffin sign is still here 14 years after he left office. Any more of these still around?
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Anonymous said...

I agree that is insane. 23K and some elbow grease goes a long way....

Michele J said...

I did alittle research and found out this victorian was built in 1886!It also lists it as having a full basement... I would love to see some interior pics...