Kaleida/UB - September 2009

One of the City's largest construction projects - ever! - is underway on the east side. The site for Kaleida/UB's Global Vascular Institute and clinic is a block from Main at Goodrich, just north of Buffalo General Hospital - here's a map.
This construction pic is from the City's parking ramp on Ellicott street. Over on the left is the construction crane at City Honors and the power house at Buffalo General Hospital is in the middle. On the right is the one block stretch of Goodrich Street that the City recently sold to Kaleida for $1.1m in July.

I'll be tracking construction progress over the project's duration with regular interval shots from this parking ramp perspective.

fixBuffalo readers may remember two substantial demolitions in the immediate vicinity. Hamlin House, the former UB Nursing School, was totaled 3 years ago - see, Hamlin House Demolition and 50 High Street came tumbling down a few months later as seen in some spectacular video shot by Chris Byrd. For background about the Global Vascular Institute and UB see April's - Medical Campus Meets Midtown. For demolition and construction pics, see - Kaleida/UB pic archive.

See - Kaleida Archive for additional information.
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