St. Martin Village - Community Meeting

Silvestri Architects sent out the following announcement this week about one of the most exciting housing developments in the City - the heritage renovation of the former German Roman Catholic Orphan Home at the end of Dodge Street, near the 33. Here's the late July post - St. Martin Village.
Mark your calendar for next Thursday evening and plan to attend this community meeting. For additional background information about the site, its heritage, the orphanage movement in Buffalo and some amazing interior pics, check out the archive - here.
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Dan said...

It's yet another subsidized Ghetto-type (elderly Black people, face it) concentration of Government-financed, Publically-spurned "development". I'd rather see the whole lot leveled and planted with native trees, frankly.

When private investors put their money into such projects, THAT is when such prjects are worth doing.

Mike Puma said...

You know in truth it could be better, but Im just happy enough to see that place having some use as opposed to demo by neglect like so many other things in the city

olcott_beach said...

I applaud the adaptive reuse of this site but I am perplexed as to why the “replacement” center building is not actually centered between what I believe were the original dormitories? Unless it is for some type of city ordinance or code issue that a roadway needs to be placed adjacent/between the new and existing buildings.
As for the section 8 issue, that is always the proverbial fly-in-the-ointment, as it would be nice to see an actual gentrification of this site but only a truly die-hard inner city professional would considering moving to this blighted area.
At the end of the day (pardon all of the clich├ęs) it is just nice to see this site being redeveloped.

Christopher said...


There was an article in today's paper concerning these plans to create subsidized housing. Does this mean that this is finally becoming a reality?

On another note, has anyone from the CAO actually had a chance to look into the buildings? It seems to me that the buildings are in terrible, terrible shape. I just wonder if the structure itself is still strong enough to reuse, especially since there are areas where entire walls look ready to collapse. It will be interesting to see whether or not this project actually reaches fruition.