Tuesday's Primary - Vote

On Friday afternoon - while checking out some of my favorite abandonments and City owned houses - I spotted this Kearns for Mayor sign along one of most devastated streets in what must be one of the city's poorest neighborhoods - Sycamore Street.
All over the City's east side there appears to be a growing level of support for Kearns. Support Mayor Brown once had and took for granted is taking a significant hit - in Masten and Ellicott and parts of Broadway/Fillmore. Signs of the disappointment and frustration city residents have been experiencing with the administration's wafer thin response to the crisis in the neighborhoods is palpable.

If you haven't checked out two of Buffalo's finest journalists about Tuesday's primary you should. Geoff Kelly, editor of Artvoice just published - The Race is On and Buffalo News reporter/blogger Jim Heaney posted - Sizing Up Mickey Kearns.

If you're a registered Democrat consider changing the course of the City, vote Kearns. I will.

Update - Monday 3pm.
Check out Jim Heaney's latest - Tuesday is a Referendum on Byron Brown.
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Joshua D. Hall said...

This looks nice ;-) Thank you for allowing us to put up the KEARNS FOR MAYOR sign!