Kaminski Park

I checked out Buffalo's newest urban park yesterday afternoon. You'll remember Waldemar Kaminski and the millions he donated to Roswell Park. Well, there's a two-acre park here that's named after him on the City's near East Side. While walking through Kaminski Park I unexpectedly met-up with Chris Byrd, the guy behind the scene at Buffalo's other blog devoted to East Side events and issues, Broadway Fillmore Alive. Chris is also the pulse behind the Performing Arts High School PTO/alumni organization. He grew up around the corner from Kaminski's and recounted how the store was an everyday stop for people living in the neighborhood.
Waldemar Kaminski (1917 - 2006)


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The park is filled with wooden benches, a walking path and it's the sort of place where every tree and planting is carefully placed in memory of a loved one. Check it out during lunch and take your time to check out the surrounding area. I did that with über planner Stevan Stipanovich in March - Walking with Stip and in January near Allen Street - Connecting Both Halves.

Here's the statement from Roswell Park that appeared shortly after Mr. Kaminski died. Debbie Schussel, one of my daily reads - you'll only want to read her if you consider yourself open minded and tolerant - blogged about Waldemar Kaminski, too - An Unsung American. Buffalo's own BRO had a short piece last week about the Wellness Block Party in Kaminski Park, right here.

Make sure to check out Chris Byrd's first time at Kaminski Park.
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