Woodlawn Row Houses - August 2006

Frequent readers of fixBuffalo certainly know - and appreciate? - my passion for this set of row houses owned and abandonded by the City of Buffalo. They were part of a series of row house developments tucked away in this little corner of Masten that was also home to Olympic Park and Offerman Stadium. Back in the day there used to be 21 sets of these row houses. Today there are only three. The one that I live in - down the street from these - the Emerson Row Houses and this set located at 147-153 Woodlawn Avenue. These were protected with "local-landmark" status by the Preservation Board in 1986 and are part of the unique urban fabric and architectural heritage of our City.
Woodlawn Row Houses - August, 2006 Woodlawn Row Houses - August, 2006
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I took these monthly pictures yesterday after mowing the lawn. The boards are nailed in place again - it's a weekly thing. With the series of arsons sweeping the City and a few bodies found in grizzly shape - here and here - in other vacant property on the City's East Side, it's no wonder why some of my neighbors would like to see the Woodlawn Row Houses demolished.
Woodlawn Row Houses - August, 2006 Woodlawn Row Houses - August, 2006
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Please take a moment to sign the Petition to Save the Woodlawn Row Houses, if you haven't done so already. Remember they are directly across the street from the new home of Performing Arts High School. Here's the map!

Check out the archive to see demolition by neglect - it's a textbook case! If you want a tour...let me know. I've got this rechargable key that can get us in.
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Anonymous said...

Late last yr I remember seeing several rowhouse type properties in the Walden/Brinkman?Sumner?area, Have you seen these?

fixBuffalo said...

Isn't that Cheektowaga?

I remember checking them out at one point a few years ago...there's another set on Beard Avenue...and Buffalo's best set of row houses, no doubt, on Delaware between Allen and Virginia...

Anonymous said...

'Rechargeable Key' - HA! I'll have to remember that one.