Important - Emergency Relocation?

I received the following post card in the mail this week. And this afternoon - before jetting off - I handed my hold mail card to Marvin for the last time. When I return home, I will have to pick up my mail at Ellicott Station. Some retail mail services will still be available here, but commercial services, package pick-up and business services like certified mail you gotta go downtown beginning Monday.
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Last week I wrote about the Main Street PO moving...right here! Lots of good links there to the community discussion last year when I was tipped off to another PO relocation effort from 14209. Some detailed links to community meeting minutes and additional links to postal service regulations that suggest PO's are immune to local zoning. Lovely pics of Buffalo's newest 'suburban' post office buildings, too.

Last week station manager Marvin Randolph gave me a tour of the facilities at Northampton and Main. The cavernous parking area in the basement is rather unusual for Buffalo as there is room for the entire fleet of postal vehicles here. We felt some vibration - from the construction work happening right next door at Artspace. I've learned that Coe Place residents feel this, too. Marvin pointed out two spots on the ceiling where some surface plaster fell away from the concrete structure. I walked away thinking that this superficial stuff is totally the sort of thing neighbors to a multi-million dollar construction project might expect and have to deal with as good neighbors. Marvin had the air tested a few weeks back, too. Totally negative on the dust and any thing blowing around.

I'm certainly not a structural engineer...yet an Emergency Relocation....please. Seems like something else going on. I mean just when the neighborhood is beginning to really happen, the post office picks up and moves. Totally stealth. I believe it is was the only example of a unique urban post office that occupied an existing building here in Buffalo. Mark Pagano, the owner of the building, hasn't been informed of any move when I spoke to him last week.

Don't worry about Marvin. When I handed him my 'hold-mail' card this afternoon he assured me that he still had a job. He just didn't know where...
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Anonymous said...

Having worked at that office, I can tell you that it's a wretched environment. The plumbing, the electrical system, heating, etc - all antiquated. Parking or retrieving a truck from that cellar was a nightmare. There's also not enough room to work efficiently, nor load the mail trucks, nor even enough room for all the employees to park. I'm surprised the USPS stayed there this long!

I do hope they find a new home in that immediate area.