Jefferson Avenue...near Harwood Place

update 10:38pm....here's a set of interior photos from late last year.
Not much has changed since then.

Between researching, showing and visiting Lyth Cottage on Harwood Place this month, I've really fallen for this beauty at 1572 Jefferson Avenue. It appears to be in excellent structural condition, with the exception of some small problems with the recently modified front porch. Well, the back door was open...and you'll be dealing with lots of regular rehab - updating plumbing, electric, windows and lots of cosmetic issues...
Check out the various shots - porch, backyards and houses next door.
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Here's the map and proximity to Mayor Byron Brown's residence, near Canisus College, just down the street. When I peeked over the fence, into the neighbor's yard, I felt like I was visiting some of my favorite Allentown neighborhoods. Yesterday, I noticed that the Mayor's Impact Team must have been around. The entire yard was cleaned out, including the decorative wrought iron gate and fence that adorned the side yard.

The stenciled writing on the boarded front door makes this place a no-go for the casual explorer. That stencil is a court order recently issued by Housing Court Judge Nowak to keep people away. It's an 'order to vacate.' You will be arrested. Your best bet is to try to track down the owner, Paul Ensign. Housing Inspector Rich Balestiri wrote 1572 Jefferson for Housing Court - Index# 1925/2005 - last year. In November 2005 the case was adjourned and recently in February Judge Nowak was trying to find the owner, too. Next Housing Court date is September 30th.

Checking out the City's property description it appears as though Paul Ensign purchased this house from the City in 2002 for $15,000 at the tax auction. If you're interested in pursuing this - no sluming now - we are thinking owner occupant this time, let me know. I might be able to help negotiate a few obstacles.

Looking at the Housing Court file - Index# 1925/2005 - it appears as though Judge Nowak is pushing demolition. Wish my check book was bigger than my toolbox!
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