Artspace Construction Update

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Had a chance to grab a few minutes with Eva Hassett - Executive Vice President from Savarino...the folks doing Artspace - at the Smart Code Conference last Saturday at the Saturn Club. I asked her about the big-dig going on behind Artspace. Seems like environmental remediation that's been happening behind 1219 Main Street was unexpected and most probably had to do with some industrial waste oil that was dumped on the site when it was home to a couple different manufacturing facilities, back in the day.
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Eva has responded promptly to a few requests to make sure the construction site is properly secured.

Mark Pagano, the guy who used to own the building that now belongs to Artspace, informed me recently that he's done some remediation the adjoining property. Mark also praised Savarino for doing what he termed a "high level" of remediation at the site.

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