Writely is now open...

One of my favorite web 2.0 tools is now fully up and open to new subscribers. Check out Writely, today. It's another amazing product from the good folks at google. It's an online word processor and cool collaborative tool. I was able to make the full-text of Chris Hawley's Midtown plan available using Writely - which is way worth checking out.
I frequently post Partner's for a Liveable WNY newsletters and archive Buffalo News articles using Writely, too. Excellent tool...here's the announcement from Jen at the Writely blog...
This week, we have finished inviting everyone who's been patiently on the waiting list, and have reopened registration to the public. If you haven't already, now is the time to sign up for the Writely beta!

Why have we reopened now? Maybe it was because we just won a very nice product review on CNET ... or maybe it was that ten-billionth person who emailed us to say, "
Hey what's UP? When will Writely open again?" Well, in fact, now Writely is truly ready to open its doors to everyone, so let's just do it!
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