Drive Thru Churches...

While on tour this afternoon we approached Transfiguration and saw Buffalo's finest arriving. Cops told us that he thought he was being chased. Maybe he didn't know the church was closed. This is what it looks like, on the inside.
DSCN4004 DSCN4006
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And while Transfiguration was never intended to be a drive thru church, looks like the latest dioscesan abomination over at Hickory and Eagle could have a drive thru lane added. We saw the lights on and parishoners inside Buffalo's newest McChurch! Lots of construction pics over here in Annals of Neglect.
When will Bishop Kmiec, who still resides at 79 Oakland Place - and from what I've gathered doesn't plan to give it up - announce the list of closings that he's been keeping in his desk drawer? Here's the latest from last week's Buffalo News - WNY Catholics Struggling With Church Closings.

The Bishop's Journey Through Faith and Grace to Avoid Housing Court is going to devestate the City's East Side. Just like it did back in the mid 90's when Transfiguration was flipped to local attorney and Housing Court scofflaw, William Trezevant. He still hides behind his mother, Pauline Nowak - full story here - with Housing Court index # and inspection history.

Anybody know what's going on with the former Villa Maria High School that just closed? Jim Ostrowski reported on that development in December, right here.
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