Richard Tobe - Fixing the Kensington Part VI

I sat down with Richard Tobe yesterday afternoon at the EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe in Hamlin Park. We talked about the Kensington.
Rich moved to Buffalo in 1967 from Long Island. After graduating from UB with a degree in political science and completing his legal education at UB in 1974 he became Chief of Staff for Assemblyman William Hoyt. He served as Erie County Commissioner of Environment and Planning and Commissioner of Economic Development and Permit/Inspections for the City of Buffalo. He currently does economic consulting and teaches economic development seminars at UB Law School. Rich is a Richardson Center Corporation and Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper board member.
Our six-minute Kensington podcast is followed by a longer segment where Rich describes a number of battles with NYSDOT and highway construction in the City during the 1970's, including the controversial West Side Arterial.
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STEEL said...

Check it out - the west side highway and Elm Oak stupidity here