Creighton Randall - Homesteading the City

Creighton Randall purchased this single-family home at 268 Dodge Street (google map) from the City of Buffalo for $1. On weekends he's been working on renovations with friends and family. I caught up with Creighton late Saturday afternoon.
Creighton Randall - 268 Dodge Street
Despite the blemishes and missing plumbing, the house was in good structural shape when Creighton bought the house. He is devoting additional time to completing renovations this summer and plans to move in this Fall.
268 Dodge Street is directly across from Masten Park, Johnny B. Wiley and the concrete remains of the City's WPA crown jewel, Civic Stadium, also known as the Rock Pile. (See Somewhere in Masten (12/18/08) for additional pics/maps.) Creighton was quick to point out the proximity of City Honors High School as we climbed the concrete steps and walked around Masten Park on Saturday.
286 Dodge - from Masten Park
Creighton told me that he's taking a long-view on his new home and cautions against seeing the City's homestead eligible properties as quick way to 'flip' a property and see a short-term return.
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Creighton took a short break on Saturday and talked with me about his project. Here's a short thirteen minute podcast with Creighton after the jump.
Creighton describes the neighborhood
Creighton moved to Buffalo in 2002 from rural upstate New York near Albany and has recently completed a graduate program in urban planning at UB's School of Architecture and Planning. Creighton incubated and runs Buffalo Car Share, a local non-profit rooted in social entrepreneurship.
If you'd like to know more about Creighton's new home and homesteading and possibly participating in a house-painting workday/party, drop Creighton an email - creightonr@gmail.com - to learn more and get the updates.
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Sean Brodfuehrer said...

You're a hero for our city! We need hundreds of people with the drive and where-with-all you put in your projects. I am sure it will become a great home.

Eisenbart said...

I feel your pain.



Unknown said...

I am thrilled to see this!!! It's great to have people see the potential of these old houses! Would love to have pics posted of "before and after" when it is completed! I will be starting my own rehab on a house purchased at the last auction, as soon as we know we are keeping the squatters out!

C.J. said...

Can I just ask why on earth you're linking to the trash that is 'the creative class'? Richard Florida can go take a flying leap through a rolling donut. This guy Creighton (no relation) is everything that's right about Buffalo; linking to CC and that avalanche of bullsh*t does a disservice to all that planners are working towards. Just my two cents...

Beverly said...

Finally, get to see a picture of Creighton's labor of love. I wish I had your skills, instead of having to rely on contractors. Thank you for all of your great work.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain.

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Leah Marie said...

This is an amazing story, we need more people like this in Buffalo to take this leap, as well as architecture hubs like UB to step in to help revitalize the city. More capstone projects should be rooted in real-life learning. Why can't UB buy these houses for $1 and donate goods to help renovate them.

Anonymous said...