ReThinking the City - Buffalo, NY

Today the Buffalo News carried a spot-on editorial about Buffalo's (new) Green Code - ReThinking the City.

Making redevelopment easier is a critical factor in reviving Buffalo, and must remain a key City Hall goal. Good zoning codes are a part of that process, and long have troubled developers trying to wend their way through the system— so the mayor’s recent announcement, in the historic Larkin District, of a three-year $2.1 million overhaul of zoning regulations can be put in the category of good news.

Even better, there’s a state reimbursement of $750,000 toward that effort.

The latest redevelopment vision for this Rust Belt city would trend more toward “green urbanism” and, for the first time in decades, include a “walkability” aspect. Let’s get started...read the rest.

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Chexy said...

Your photos are magnificent. I am running the slideshow of your Sattler Theatre pix on my blog, and would like to give proper credit, but for the life of me, I can't find your name anywhere.

fixBuffalo said...

Thank you. My name is David Torke. When you have a moment, please send me a link - davidtorke@gmail.com - thanks.

Eisenbart said...

On one hand it's nice it's even being done.

On the other hand... it's been years! Do it already!

Library Diva said...

I saw that too, and was pleased they chose to highlight this issue for an editorial. I emailed my councilman over the weekend (Rivera), just to tell him that I thought this was really important and was pleased to see work beginning on it, but he didn't respond.

Anyone else planning to go to the public hearings on it, when they begin?

Leah MacVie said...

Thanks for featuring this one. I would really like to see Main Street in their pan. My drive from Canisius down to the bank on Main by Roswell is dreadful. Does anyone want to help me start a "Save Main Street" project?

Leah MacVie said...

Sorry, plan*