Central Park Plaza - Part II

Central Park Plaza activists and neighbors gathered and rallied this morning urging City officials to take immediate action. If stores aren't closed, the shattered store front windows are the norm and contribute to making Central Park Plaza (bing map) one of the City's most desolate and dangerous landscapes. The Brooklyn based entity that owns the Central Park Plaza seems to be immune from Housing Court's reach.
Beverly Davis - Central Park Plaza activist
I met Dawnette Leftwich, Beverly Davis and Daria Pratcher this morning. They are organizing neighbors and city residents to help transform the severely blighted Central Park Plaza. You can connect via facebook - Help Revitalize Central Park Plaza - and learn more about what's happening and what's needed to help bring about immediate and necessary change in this part of the City.
The Buffalo News covered this morning's story.
Here's a short slide show to further acquaint you to Central Park Plaza.
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