Vacant/Undeliverable 2010 - Part II

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Anthony Armstrong from LISC-Buffalo has been analyzing and mapping abandonment and vacancy issues in Buffalo for the past four years. He's compiled Buffalo Vacancy, a wiki designed to share the unique data sets he's synthesized involving HUD and United States Postal Service undeliverable addresses in Buffalo, NY.
Buffalo - undeliverble percent 12/31/2009
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I caught up with the Anthony the other day and he told about the most recent series of maps that he's compiled. They provide a strong visual statement about abandonment and vacancy the City is (not)confronting. This map is a snapshot, as of 12/31/09. The other maps involve trend data covering the four year period 2005/2009.
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Becky said...

Not saying that most is not valid, but 62.02 is the Psych Center, aka the Richardson Complex.