Transfiguration Church - Update, March 2008

Bill Trezevant called me the other day. He's the owner attorney for the corporation that owns Transfiguration Church. He told me he'd repaired the building. So...I had to check things out.
IMG_2746 IMG_2748
Well covering the stained glass and patching the roof is certainly a good thing. I did notice that the basement window was wide open and the gutter/downspout system still needs some help.
If you're new to fixBuffalo, make sure to look at the Transfiguration Archive. Lots of good stuff. And fresh from Toronto, just got these recent pics of the inside - right here.
Anyone know what's up with the fence in front of the church? Something ready to fall off? Here's the pic.
Bill, thanks for calling!
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Fr. Kemic said...

I saw that the building is being used by transients for shelter, and that there were campfires inside.

Bill Trezevant said...

Apparently we don't always get all of the Updates!

Buffalo News
May 8th, 2008
Case involving former church ends
A fresh coat of paint and a judge’s order Wednesday ended the 15-year-old Housing Court case over the former Transfiguration Catholic Church.
Hours after Buffalo City Judge Joseph A. Fiorella dismissed all charges against the Francis Associates organization of William F. Trezevant and his mother, Paula Nowak, a contractor applied the second coat of paint to a wooden structure at the rear of the Sycamore Street icon.
“Now that this nightmare is over we can get on with providing a facility that will be of benefit to the neighborhood and the entire city,” said Trezevant, after ordering the painting that had been requested by Senior Deputy Corporation Counsel David Rodriquez. Fiorella dismissed the case after Building Inspector Tracy Krug confirmed that repair work on the former church’s two-story-tall steeple had been completed and Rodriquez pressed for the second coat of paint.
Trezevant and his mother, a retired special investigator for the federal Government Accountability Office, purchased the former church in the 900 block of Sycamore from the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo for $7,000. They bought it 15 years ago with plans to convert the 19th century landmark into a community center.
Housing Court disputes allegedly stymied the renovations until Rodriquez intervened last year and speeded up the issuance of city work permits.
Until City Judge E. Jeannette Ogden last October quashed the arrest warrants issued by another Housing Court judge, Nowak — who still lives in retirement in the Washington,
D. C., area — had been subject to immediate arrest if she set foot in Buffalo.
After Wednesday’s final court session, Trezevant said his non-profit organization, which has financed all the repair work through donations, has no set date for opening the former church as a community center.

Bill Trezevant said...

Fr. Kemic

It would be nice if you attempted to call me personally rather than both hiding behind the cloth and behind a blog.

I'm sure you can understand that matters of religous faith cannot be measured in days, weeks or years, but rather on a different schedule.

At the risk of sounding like a heretic, perhaps you might want to contact me so that we can meet and pray.

As a dissappointed Catholic, one you have never met or attempted to contact please let me offer the olive branch.

In the alternative, minister to your own flock and leave such things as Transfiguration Church's fate to those among us who do care, since the last 15 years began with you Dioces tearing it down.

Bill Trezevant

Anonymous said...

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