102 Watson...Interested?

I found myself on Watson Street this afternoon and spotted this place, wide open at 102 Watson, (google map).
A quick check of City records indicated that this single family house is assessed only assessed at $4000. Checked Housing Court records this evening and found that the owner has been invited to court next week. I'll be following this property through the court drama.

102 Watson Street is right around the corner from a church complex on Emslie Street, a stop on the annual Tour de Neglect.
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Anonymous said...

I am interested. I am a single, idealistic, recovering drug addict working as a carpenter and have zero possibility of home ownership by way of traditional modes, I don't want 2500 sq. feet in suburbia anyway. I see this house on watson and dream little dreams.

Sharon Centanne said...

My grandfather lived at 65 Watson when he register for the draft for World War I and when he married my grandmother in 1922. Do you know if 65 Watson is still standing?

Anonymous said...

How about you come back and look for yourself?!

b said...

Sharon, Here's a link on the Microsoft mapping we site to a photo from the air of the Clinton/Watson intersection:


If 65 Watson was one house in from the corner, then it looks like it's now a vacant lot. You can use the up arrow in the picture to scroll the view to the north.

The mapping web site is:

Or you can also try maps.google.com

which will display an overhead satellite image view of any street address.

In either of those web sites, type in: 65 Watson Buffalo NY