Re-Mapping Buffalo's Urban Space

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Here's the UB press release...

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Issues of space, identity, urban planning, cultural geography, greening and other topics relevant to Buffalo's urban spaces will be subjects of a public community symposium to be held April 4 and 5 in two city architectural venues adapted for reuse.

The symposium, "SURVEY: Re-Mapping Buffalo's Urban Space," will be sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Graduate Group for Social Engagement at the University at Buffalo.

It will feature more than a dozen presenters from several UB professional schools and humanities departments; community organizations active in the restoration of, and innovative planning for, the City of Buffalo; notable members of the Buffalo community known for their ongoing work in urban documentation and revitalization - read the rest.
This unique two day event, spilt between Buffalo's east and west sides, features some of this area's most engaged 'social entrepreneurs' including - Amy Kedron, Michael Gainer, Aaron Bartley and Rod McCallum.
I'll be sitting on a panel Friday afternoon at Karpeles with Kurt Schneiderman, Dorthea Bremer and Bruce Jackson and later discussing various aspects of blogging in transforming urban spaces.
Here's the full two day schedule.
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