BMHA - Continued Legacy of Neglect

The area surrounding some of our City's schools is arguably worse today than when I started tracking some of these issues three years ago in March 2005 - see my School House Project.

Walked around City Honor's the other day and looked at the condition of BMHA's Woodson Gardens housing project. This is what I saw.

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I'd last walked around Woodson Gardens here, in October 2005. Was shocked to see that it has sliped further into decay especially considering what's planned for City Honors beginning this September, see School on a Hill.

Perhaps the single most offensive example of BMHA's neglect is located here, on Fillmore Avenue. You may recognize these carcasses while driving along the 33. What you might not know is they are located adjacent to the Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence. They're wide open, too! (Extraordinary roof top views, if you're so inclined.)

So I checked to see if BMHA was in Housing Court on both of these. I know, waste of time.
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Anonymous said...

Considering most that live there virtually get a free ride the complex appears fine for a freebie. What is bad is that it is close to a school.

Anonymous said...

these shouldnt be so close to the school because of crime associated with public assistance housing. One is actually on school property on the northwest side of the parcel. i believe the rest are situated on what was once a football field for the school, fosdick-masten at the time i believe. these wernt in bad shape bout 5 yrs ago tho.

Anonymous said...

who was the asshole that thought it would be a great idea to build low income housing next to a school? more brilliant buffalo leaders. when i see these things and look at the current mayor that lets buildings rot than bulldozes and erects cheap housing its no wonder the few decent ones left have a for sale sign in front of their homes. the city is a joke and the officials you elected are creating a bigger mess each year.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that these are going to be coming down to make room for the school to have more greenspace... Don't quote me on it but it might be one of the reasons there hasn't been any new investment into these properties.

Anonymous said...


I was involved in the Buffalo Schools Project until a year ago and City Honors is scheduled to be part of the next phase of renovations.

Included in the renovation is returning the original campus back to open space as it was originally intended. Though, this is no excuse for allowing the buildings to remain open, it is probably why the neglect has been ignored ~ the “who care” mentality which seems to be all too common among the City of Buffalo employees.

City Honors (circa 1914) is, architecturally, a magnificent building which once housed a clock tower that is suppose to be rebuilt (removed in 1928) under the last scope-of-work that I had privy too.

Mark W.

Anonymous said...

When the BMHA doesnt care and the residents wont even work a job let alone take pride in their complex the place will continue to go downhill.