Running Buffalo - Part II

Posted about RUN Buffalo recently - Running Buffalo - this past August. Late last week I received a press release from the folks at New Era Cap, one of RUN Buffalo's corporate sponsors asking for volunteers to help out with the landscaping over here on Sycamore Street.
fixBuffalo readers may remember this post - Buffalo's Death Row - from summer 2006, where Yvonne Peterson's body was found in the partially boarded City owned house at 830 Sycamore Street, one of the three houses recently demolished here.
Well those three houses, on one of the most devasted sections of Sycamore Street, are in the landfill. RUN Buffalo will be maintaining the vacant lots, for like forever. Very interesting arrangement and am wondering who actually owns the property. Anyone know who actually paid for these three demolitions?
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bfloBR said...

Can't say I know who owns the land, but i believe in most cases, the city must own the property in order for it to demolish it. Not sure about the specifics about RUN, but it appears that the demolition and lot landscaping/maitenance is a partnership between the city and RUN.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a partnership between the City and RUN.

Read more about the partnership here: www.usmayors.org/uscm/best_practices/vacantproperties06.pdf

*I actually volunteered for the landscaping that was done on Saturday and Sunday. If I'm not mistaken, there were about 60 volunteers, including RUN Buffalo members, New Era Cap employees, and McKinley HS students in the mix. Really great effort for a really great cause, if you ask me.

fix buffalo said...

Anon...thanks for the link - right here.

Anonymous said...

RUN, Buffalo, run!!! Flee! Escape! City falling apart!