Niagara & Re-Thinking Cities...

Just in from the Toronto crew...
Register here for the conference and learn more about Toronto's Artscape and how other cities mix up art and older spaces. Sean from TO is a never ending source for information here about Florida's Mega.

I visit Florida everyday.
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Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the pied piper has come with magic flute to leads all the rats to salvation. Florida is your typical self-important academic blowhard with a personal agenda based on his own beliefs, not what's best for everyone (see: George Grasser, the guy who always talks about a better WNY and sprawl but is involved in development to make himself profit because he can).

But Florida, he's developed a theory that at it's most basic foundation is on that brings some sort of credibility and justification ot his own lifestyle and beliefs.

But if anyone uses their head and thinks about it, you'd realize that the Creative Class is such a small fragment of the world as a whole so why all the desire to make it matter for everyone or somehow make it a panacae for all that ails society, kind of like Old Urbanism (aka, gentrification with a name that can be marketed).