Down on Dodge Street, again...

I had an opportunity to check in on one of my favorite sites this morning, down on Dodge Street. Every building here remains wide open.
The Community Action Organization of Erie County has owned this place for almost four years. Brian Davis - City of Buffalo Councilman is the President of the CAO's board. No Housing Court for the CAO, wonder why?
Check out the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home's archive, for additional information and pictures, inside and out.

Here's an overview of the entire complex.
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Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that you don't know the facts and yet find it necessary to insult people or accuse them of improper influence based on your ignorance. CAO saved buildings from a failed developer that would have been demolished or destroyed. CAO has submitted a plan approved by SHPO to preserve much of the site and existing buildings along with some new construction. The acquisition was part of a housing court settlement. Also, some of the buildings you identify are owned by the Diocese, but I won't accuse you of favoring it for some improper or religious reason. I suggest you thank CAO and write the not-for-profit a check to help its efforts instead of sniping based on unfounded and inflammatory rhetoric. Hopefully, funding applied for will be approved in December 2007 and CAO can continue its plans starting with removal of unsalvageable structures and preparation of the remainder of the site. I doubt you will like those plans, but it seems we can't please you no matter what we do. I don't see you or anybody associated with you doing anything but hurling blind accusations and criticism.

fix buffalo said...


What have I mis-represented in my post? The buildings are all wide open. Brian Davis is Board President and there's no Housing Court case despite the dereliction and obvious collapse of stewardship.

Anonymous said...

If CAO owns the buildings and they are unsecured than CAO is at fault and needs to do something. Whats the confusion? They are negligent and need to take care of these or sell it off to someone else. There should be an open case on it however mayor asshole probably lets it slide.Like Rev Stinkhole, the CAO can do nothing, let buildings rot till bulldozer ready and not suffer any fines or court case. The city is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I agree. These buildings are no better off if the city of Buffalo owned them right now.

The buildings are entirely open as are sections of the roofs. Whats left are collapsing floors and demolition by neglect. If there is any intention of preservation keeping an intact roof is a minimum. Otherwise 1) they are looking for an excuse to just tear everything down or 2) they will be be wasting exponentially more money in the long run to overcome the damage that was done by leaving them open to the elements.

If I recall correctly David has blogged and posted on their plan for the property in the past.

Not saying that thier main goals are not notable, but their stewardship of this property should not get a free pass, as is true with a lot of other properties and their owners in the city.

Anonymous said...

Why not wrap em in vinyl and market them as victorians?