Air Buffalo - Part II

MJ has recently shared another extraordinary set of aerial photos involving some of Buffalo's most amazing industrial sites.
Air Buffalo - II
Slide show - Air Buffalo Part II

fixBuffalo readers may recall MJ's earlier slide show - Air Buffalo.
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Jay said...

great pictures. where can i find air buffalo I?

fix buffalo said...


Follow the last link in the above post or use this - Air Buffalo, Part I

George Thomas Apfel said...

Wow, another great set from MJ! You had a great clear day, the air looks quite sparkling in these photos.

BuffaloRox said...

The location in the first photo is where the proposed ethanol plant will be located. That area is north of a private road (Childs Stree) off of Ohio. It is a really interesting area. I would've liked to see it in its day.

PaulMcQuillen@TheBuffaloDowntowner.com said...


The Buffalo Downtowner would like to use some of your photos - please contact us at