MySpace and the Matrix - Myth or Magic?

I've been interested in Internet and technology issues I guess since I was a kid. Bikes, cars and latest greatest gizmos. Question is does the Internet help or hinder the creation of new social - people based - relationships or hinder their full development.

Two University of Toronto professors have been wondering about this, too. In - The Strength of Internet Ties [archived .pdf file] - Jeffrey Boase and Barry Wellman published their findings in conjunction with the Pew/Internet Report. Worth looking at if you are interested in the edge, where this world meets the matrix. Also located a string of articles Barry uses in one of his classes at UT - right here.

In a previous post about the blogosphere I mentioned the former Dean of the Buffalo blogosphere - Alex Halavais, and his blog - Alex Havalais. Linked to him recently, here. The comments in this post, a post mortem about UB's School of Informatics, is priceless.

For me the Internet continues to provide a meaningful way to build, develop and enjoy existing networks. Looping people in and expanding the network creates additional choices. Really got to say that if it wasn't for this blogging - that seems to have crunched time and space - wouldn't have met as many people interested in community, development and neighborhood issues as I have. Would have taken longer.

Aside from the long slow re-introduction of Buffalo's near East Side to many people who might otherwise not have noticed - I know, no metric here, to suggest really either way, just a hunch - and preventing what would have been the demolition of the Hamilton Ward House...not much to show yet. Still putting the puzzle together. It's easier on-line. No subsitute for the personal.

Just knowing when to have "face" with someone to get things done, is I think, a way different issue.
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