BAVPA Reconstruction - End Week 23

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December 10, 2006 - Day 168
Early this week the scaffolding was placed along the walls of the new Art Wing, seen here in fixBuffalo's roof top shot. The roof and floor decking were installed, too. The masonry work on the new Ferry Street entrance was completed as additional walls were demolished and dozens of dumpsters were hauling away what was left of builidng's interior.
A caravan of large trucks appeared around midnight Tuesday, ready to unload construction materials in the morning. These diesel trucks parked along Woodlawn and kept moi up all night...
See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.
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STEEL said...

came across a picture in an old mag when this school was just completed I think 1965. If I get my scanner up and running again I will send it to you

fix buffalo said...


would be nice...thanks!

gabe said...

I drove by this today, lookin' good!