39 Coe Place...Safe!

While away this past week I heard from two of Coe Place's coolest residents. Roy and Jen from - Love on Coe Place - just closed on the house next door, 39 Coe Place, that had previously been held hostage by MBBA. Ever since stumbling on Coe Place, over ten years ago, I've known 39 Coe Place to be vacant.
Sunday afternoon I had a chance to catch up with Roy and Jen and discuss their plans for the house. They're very excited about the changes in the neighborhood with Artspace happening next door and Roy shared a few rehab ideas with me.

Roy's persistance in shaking this house loose from MBBA's grasp should serve as a model for other people interested in doing the same. Now only 28 Coe Place is still hanging on life support. Next time Eliot Spitzer is in town...you'll know where I'll be...right here, again!
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MJ² said...

Any insight on what it took to pry it free from the MBBA?

Since it will soon be public record: can you pass along what they paid for it?

Chris Hawley said...

Good job, Roy and Jen! Looks like the community is taking back Coe Place, one house at a time!


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