Buffalo, NY - National Spotlight

Two articles crossing my desk this morning.

New York Times reporter Ken Belson contacted me a few weeks back. We met with a few other Buffalo lovers that I had assembled and headed out to tour some very familiar territory that fixBuffalo readers have been reading about for the last few years - the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home, Artspace, Coe Place and the Arts Academy neighborhood Cold Springs.

Ken Belson's article is in today's New York Times - Vacant Houses, Scourge of a Beaten-Down Buffalo.


Of course many of the answers are spelled out very clearly in the path breaking work that the good folks at LISC - Buffalo assembled and presented - last November. Read all about Blueprint Buffalo here, Getting Smarter about Decline.

The second national article appearing in the latest issue of Preservation On-line from the National Trust for Historic Preservation - Winging it in Buffalo tells a similar story.
There is no denying that Buffalo has seen better days. In the past 50 years, the city has lost some of its key industries, and, consequently, nearly half of its population. The result: tens of thousands of abandoned buildings.
I had the opportunity to introduce National Trust representatives in June to the Queen City Farm project that's mentioned in the article. fixBuffalo readers will recognize this house as one that i placed on the local radar back in April 2006 - here. Check out the short Queen City Farm film in a recent post to learn more this project. Really very amazing.
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Anonymous said...

I have a problem with the title of the NYT article. I think 'Vacant Houses - Scourge of Buffalo' would have sufficed. A 'beaten buffalo' dismisses all the work that's been done in Buffalo by so many dedicated people. But, of course, god forbid the New York Times should say anything nice about upstate New York aside from the Hudson Valley.