Been following the recent life cycle of 2 Girard, that you see from the 33 along Humboldt Parkway. Recently posted here - Remember 2 Girard? - with all sort of links reaching back to March 2005 with photos and requests to stay the demolition. Learned today from frequent fixBuffalo reader that plans for the 2 Girard's revival appeared on Citi-stat last week.

Here's the latest...

Submitted to Agency Members, for approval, is a request to contract with Fillmore Leroy Area Residents, Inc. (FLARE, Inc.) in the amount of $335,600 for the acquisition and rehabilitation of 24 Victoria Street and 2 Girard Place. FLARE has already rehabilitated four homes on Victoria Street and is looking to construct two new homes. Two Girard Place is located on the corner of Humboldt Parkway and can be seen from the Kensington Expressway when approaching downtown Buffalo. This home may be converted into a single family home if a previously interested buyer is still willing to purchase this property when rehabilitation is completed. Mayor Brown praised this project noting that the Girard location is an eyesore in its present state. Ms. Yvonne McCray from FLARE gave a brief overview of the project. She added that through the CHDO funding, FLARE has been able to assist smaller groups and she thanked the Board for their support.

2 Girard Street

04/01/07Transfer property to FLARE

06/07/0706/29/07Contract and Deed Prepared and ready

06/07/0708/15/07Funding Contract not completed as of08/28/07

Check back soon for additional updates...

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Just love the Paul Clark campaign sign on the front. Guess we could expect great things from Clark-y.

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Members of my family lived on Victoria till the late 50's. I was curious to get more info on the Victoria activity. I see a reference to "Agency" but am unsure who that is.

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Email me when you have a chance...