Dear Friend?

Received the following in the morning mail. Rather odd that it appeared the same day a New York Times piece covers the story and the National Trust for Historic Preservation is weighing in, too.
The City will match you donations on a dollar for dollar basis.
Here's the four page brouchure dated August 1, 2007 that was tucked in with Byron's "Dear Friend" letter.
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Anonymous said...

hey my friend---

lets face it. these old buildings are, en france, "shitholes."

I know you are trying to do the right thing. But thousands have already voted with their feet. Why live with six feet of snow and no jobs when you can have palm trees or oceans and better opportunities.

Anonymous said...

That is why we moved to Florida 46 years ago this November. Snow. But I still would like to see the neighborhood where my family lived for 100 years rehavilitated as a quaint historic district rather than being neglected, and burned out by druggie gangs. I would love to have a photo of every house my ancestors lived in, but it is too late in most cases.
Sharon Centanne
Sixth generation Old East Side,
Genealogist and Local Historian

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of Brown's chutzpah. He's going to "match" voluntary contributions with WHAT money? Tax money - meaning that for every dollar donated, another dollar will be taken from those who DON'T donate. What part of the budget will absorb that?

Please tell us that the Control Board will never approve this bad, bad joke.

Anonymous said...

The matching aspect is strange but maybe the motivation is so potential donors will feel they'll be adding to the budget rather than just replacing funding alreading allocated.

Overall my reaction is mixed but leans positive.

On the one hand, a bigger portion of NY State spending in Buffalo should focus on demolishing vacant houses instead of, for example, creating a canal museum we don't need, cobblestone streets that almost always will sit as empty as the Main St pedestrian mall, or any subsidies to retailers large or small. And it seems backwards to me to use forced "donations" (taxes) to subsidize new housing units (Sickamore, Artspace, etc. – any of which would be ok with me if not tax-supported) while now asking for voluntary donations to remove dangerous firetrap blight. IMHO it ought to be the other way around.

But govt priorities are always inconsistent, political, full of contradictions.

Whatever theur flaws, Brown/Casey deserve credit for increasing emphasis on demolition. Shouldn't have it both ways – complaining for years about problem being low priority then when priority increases not give any credit.

Can't imagine they'll raise much money via donations, but maybe foundations or wealthy people might donate real money to this.

Worth a try as long as it doesn't reduce the focus on obtaining state funding and keeping focus on the very aggresssive goal of 5000 houses in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

You would like to see the old homestead rehabilitated huh? But you don't want to do it. Nice mix of selfishness and presumptuousness!

Multiply this attitude by 200,000 people and you understand why Buffalo is emptying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fix Buffalo blogger,
You have to run for Mayor. I am serious. If you think you lack something, please just look at how bad Mayor Brown's ideas are. Seriously, you have to run for mayor.