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I'll keep track of news and developments involving the possible demolition and reuse of Transfiguration Church in this post.

You may also be interested in this post - Church Ruins around the World. The images are continuously updated from flickr members everywhere. Well worth the look.

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Meeting Minutes - continuously updated document with highlights of Preservation Board and community-based meetings.

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  • email exchange - 1/8/06 with William Trezevant
  • letter to Byron Brown - 1/2/07 from William Trezevant
    • here, Mr. Trezevant is presenting part of his case against the City having just placed an assessment on the former church property. He's also attached a six-page time-line where he presents various issues and developments during his stewardship of the property. He misses the 61 times the property has been in Housing Court and never mentions the four-year-old warrant for the arrest of his mother, Pauline Nowak that was issued by Judge Fiorella on September 25, 2002 in conjunction with the violations.


Unknown said...

hi, I am visiting Buffalo and would love to drive by the church and see it...what is the address? Sycamore and?

I am a historic preservationist and I am loving all of Buffalo's gorgeous old buildings...

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for stopping by...Transfiguration is one block East of Fillmore.

Here's a map with some additional points of interest...

Anonymous said...

Check out this video from WKBW-TV about the closing of 16 more churches in Buffalo. Can you please save St. Ann's???

Sharon Centanne
Baptised at St. Ann's in 1950

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Check tv news video
"Bishop appauled by common council"_WKBW - TV - Local News - Video - Bishop
Appalled by Common Council_
(http://www.wkbw.com/news/local/8272972.html?video=pop&t=a) _WKBW - TV - Local News - Video - Bishop Appalled by Common Counc_

I will try to email copy . Let me know if these links work. Great video of
St Anns

Anonymous said...

When was the last time the baptised from St. Ann's were members of St. Ann's

Anonymous said...

Today's Buffalo News

Funny How this is never reported?!

Buffalo News
May 8th, 2008
Case involving former church ends
A fresh coat of paint and a judge’s order Wednesday ended the 15-year-old Housing Court case over the former Transfiguration Catholic Church.
Hours after Buffalo City Judge Joseph A. Fiorella dismissed all charges against the Francis Associates organization of William F. Trezevant and his mother, Paula Nowak, a contractor applied the second coat of paint to a wooden structure at the rear of the Sycamore Street icon.
“Now that this nightmare is over we can get on with providing a facility that will be of benefit to the neighborhood and the entire city,” said Trezevant, after ordering the painting that had been requested by Senior Deputy Corporation Counsel David Rodriquez. Fiorella dismissed the case after Building Inspector Tracy Krug confirmed that repair work on the former church’s two-story-tall steeple had been completed and Rodriquez pressed for the second coat of paint.
Trezevant and his mother, a retired special investigator for the federal Government Accountability Office, purchased the former church in the 900 block of Sycamore from the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo for $7,000. They bought it 15 years ago with plans to convert the 19th century landmark into a community center.
Housing Court disputes allegedly stymied the renovations until Rodriquez intervened last year and speeded up the issuance of city work permits.
Until City Judge E. Jeannette Ogden last October quashed the arrest warrants issued by another Housing Court judge, Nowak — who still lives in retirement in the Washington,
D. C., area — had been subject to immediate arrest if she set foot in Buffalo.
After Wednesday’s final court session, Trezevant said his non-profit organization, which has financed all the repair work through donations, has no set date for opening the former church as a community center.

Anonymous said...

If everything was dismissed, then why haven't we heard about all of the work that has been going on? Apparrently the city knew what was going on otherwise they would not havt told the judge the work was done.

What good is an Update Page if there aren't any Updates.

Does anyone have any information about what is next.

Dissappointed in the coverage... I'll stick to the Buffalo News

Anonymous said...

i was just wondering if the church is still there and if anyone is working on it. If anyone knows please email me Jamieaaron03@yahoo.com It's such a cool building, I love it, makes me want to visit buffalo

Anonymous said...

As of this year, it appears to still be standing per google maps street view. I live an hour from Buffalo. I'm going to see if I can contact whoever owns the property about filming a music video. Perfect setting for my genre.