Erasing Genesee Street

Crews from Niagara Falls, NY based Regional Environmental Demolition began demo prep on 626 and 630 Genesee Street this week (google map). According to Erie County records 626 has been privately owned since 2000 and 630 Genesee was acquired by the City of Buffalo last December.   Demolition begins on Monday and is expected to last two weeks. 

630 Genesee Street was home to Sol Lenzer one of the City's most successful regional softdrink bottlers.  It was established in 1922 and introduced Queen-O soda in the 1930's and the popular loganberry drink.  Three years ago the facade at 626 was painted yellow and a car wash opened.  That business closed last summer.  While photographing Genesee Street I frequently spotted Will, 630 Genesee Streets only known resident.  He posed for this shot on Galveston Place, behind the building. His expanding collection of found objects is still on display.


Once an iconic presence on Genesee Street, 630 Genesee slowly became a minor stop on the urban exploration trail. Over the next two weeks it will join 669 Genesee, 630 High Street, 1655 Genesee340 Genesee, 85-91 Genesee and 311 Genesee.

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Along with these major structures, there have been dozens of additional demolitions on Genesee Street. Last summer, two blocks on the North side of Genesee Street - between Zenner and Leslie Streets - were quietly trucked off to a landfill.  Adrian's was one of the last remaining vestiges of a former German neighborhood.

The taxpayer demolition cost is not known.  There are no plans for the site.  



izzysmydog said...

I worked at the Genesee Jefferson branch of Marine Midland back in the 1960's... It's such a shame to see all those buildings gone... I also remember going to Adrian's Meat Market when I was a kid with my parents... So much is lost and future generations will never know how great those neighborhoods were.

fixBuffalo said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm wondering if you have some neighborhood pics - from back in the day - that you would be willing to share. Please email me when you have a moment. Thanks - davidtorke@gmail.com