Fire Damaged Italianate: Landfill Bound?

On November 17, 2013 a fire damaged the first floor of this stunning two-family Italianate at 216 Peckham (google map).  The first floor is charred (see photo) yet the second floor remained untouched by the blaze. 


Two weeks ago the place was wide open. The roof appears to be in good condition and the house seems to be structurally sound.  According to County records the property is assessed for $18k and was purchased in 2008 for $23, 000. Prior to that it had been in the same family for 60 years.  It's currently privately owned. Earlier this week it still hadn't been sealed.

216 Peckham is a few short blocks away from one of the City's new urban farms, Common Roots Urban Farm.  If the current owners don't have plans, this would make an incredible opportunity for the right person interested in the City's emerging East Side.   


DKNY said...

What a little gem, and with a nice side lot attached. Its neighbor is also gorgeous. Really hope this one finds someone.

Anonymous said...

Doubt it was an accident. Compared to the image from GoogleMaps, the owner stripped the house: aluminum awnings, decorative windows. Final payoff: insurance settlement.

Buffalo_Resurrection said...

Habitat for Humanity will be considering this house as a potential rehab at their next board meeting.

DKNY said...

please keep us updated about that.

DKNY said...

Drove by this the other day and it's wide open - no windows in place and the front door swinging open to show a solid wood newel post from the staircase just laying inside. I hope this gets secured at the very least.
The house directly to the left of it is also a mess, but really worth preserving. Great detail and victorian florishes, and another solid brick beauty. Any news from the Habitat folks? Would love to see both of these saved, maybe just secured for the time being?
There's a great community garden down on peckham and this area could use a little attention.