222 Howard Street: Opportunity or Landfill?

This single-family home at 222 Howard Street (google map) has a date with the wrecking ball.  It appears solid, has a number of new improvements - roof, siding and chimneys.  Commissioner Comerford has recently agreed to a temporary stay. It's been languishing in zombie-property land for the last five years.


222 Howard has been in the same family since 1958, it's been well cared for and maintained.  I tracked down a surviving family member in Texas and the house is available for $1. The rub is that the City liabilities - taxes, water, etc... - are close to $6000.  While those have to be paid, there's probably an opportunity for the right buyer to negotiate a payment plan with the City.  Council Member David Franczyck has agreed to assist.

untitled-0938   untitled-0940

When you're visiting the neighborhood you'll quickly notice the density of new-builds and the impressive period homes nearby.  222 Howard is steps from transit and is located a few blocks from Common Roots Urban Farm.  The two adjacent vacant parcels pictured above are City-owned and would certainly add to project's strength.

If you're interested in pursuing this as a residence or investment property, please contact me. Take a moment and spread the word through your social networks.


ShariYS said...

A $6001 "mortgage." Are you kidding me? People pay that much for a used car without a second thought. If I lived in Buffalo I'd be on this in a heartbeat.

Alan said...

how do you go about buying these? (i'm from Scotland but i live in Buffalo and need a place to live)

Anonymous said...

How much of the 6K will the city recover after razing the house? My guess is none...

Anna W said...

Do you know if this house is still available for Urban Homesteading? I'm interested.