340 Genesee Street - collapses, in silence

Genesee Street and emergency demolitions go hand in hand. 340 Genesee (bing map) is collapsing and only a stiff wind is standing in the way of another example of Buffalo's amazing vernacular commercial architecture from heading to the landfill.
340 Genesee Street - Buffalo, NY
340 Genesee Street - front
The roof collapsed into the building recently and crashed through to the first floor. Students from the two neighborhood charter schools were walking by the other day and were unaware of the building's condition.
340 Genesee Street - Buffalo, NY
340 Genesee Street - rear
Fifty years ago - before the Kensington was built - the neighbor was dense and vibrant. Historic Aerials has the neighborhood from back in the day, here. Click on 'compare', select the year and slide the map tool over the area.
340 Genesee Street - Buffalo, NY
340 Genesee on the right - 333 Genesee in the middle
The same corporation that owns 340 Genesee Street (Cherry-Hickory Inc.) owns 333 Genesee - another building with a big fat hole in the roof - according to the image generated from that same bing map link.
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Mike Kraus said...

unbelievable... These could be little office/retail/restaurant space with easy access to the highway and just outside of downtown.


STEEL said...

I think I have a picture of this when there was still a row of buildings here

Frits001 said...

They owned by the City?

fixBuffalo said...

Frits - Both of these structures 340/333 are owned by Cherry-Hickory Inc.

Yesterday's post - Mapping Buffalo - is a great source for tracing property/ownership here.