204 High Street - Still City-owned

City-owned 204 High Street is still available (bing map). It's located directly across the street from the new Kaleida/UB complex.
John Hannon, Director of Real Estate, is waiting to hear from you. The City's Division of Real Estate can be reached at (716) 851-5261.
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被リンクサービス said...

Oh, it is lonely...

Unknown said...

David, can you get to the heart of why the City won't let this one be sold? Are they waiting for Kaleida to make them an offer? Are they holding out for UB or some other developer who is going to pay a million and then level the building so they can expand the medical corridor? It just seems a lot of people have tried to own it without any success. Is it the City holding them back?

fixBuffalo said...


The City wants to sell this property.

A few years ago a special sub-committee of the the City's Preservation Board asked then/former Commissioner Rich Tobe to stay the demolition.

I've shown the property to a number of perspective buyers over the years. I'm not aware of anyone who has tried to own it - ie, submitted a qualified plan or had the resources in hand to walk the talk.

To my knowledge Kaleida/UB has no agenda for this parcel. Their interest - as far as I know - stops across the street.

If anyone is interested in making this place their home - please let me know, I can help negotiate the maze at City Hall.


Anonymous said...

Hi - we were the winning bidder the last time this property went up for auction. When we went down to the city to get info on the property and to get a closing date a number of people who worked there told us that the second we close we would be fined and taken to court. So we walked away :(

We did submit plans and was told they were fine and funds was not an issue.


fixBuffalo said...

I know there are so many obstacles in the process of turning a previously city-owned property into a home. Housing Court liaisons and block clubs are so pleased that progress is happening.

Please contact me directly when you have a moment. Thanks.