Wiping Away Trico - Part V

Last night the City's Preservation Board voted unanimously to support the local landmarking of Trico Plant #1.  Ellicott District Council Member Darius Pridgen was present and heard seven Buffalo residents speak in favor of designating the historic Trico Plant #1 a local landmark.   Daniel Sack spoke on behalf of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo and two members of Occupy Buffalo added their voices to the hearing.  No one spoke against landmarking.  The public hearing lasted 20 minutes.  Here's the full audio (mp3 after the link) of last night's hearing.  
Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo and Matt Enstice
Tom Yots, Preservation Buffalo Niagara's new Executive Director hosted the Trico teach-in after the public hearing at 8pm.  Speakers included Martin Wachadlo, local architectural historian; Matt Entstice, Executive Director of Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus; and Doug Swift from City View and PBN board member. 
Paul McDonnell, Rocco Termini, Tom Yots, Martin Wachadlo, Matt Enstice and Doug Swift
During the Q&A they were joined by Paul McDonnell, Chair of the City's Preservation Board and President of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo and local developer Rocco Termini.  Here's the full audio (mp3 after the link) of PBN's event.
Rocco Termini asked Matt Enstice how a $300/sqft price for reuse could have been established when no supporting plan for the building's reuse was ever considered.  After the meeting I asked Matt Enstice several times about the planned demolition schedule and the sources of funding for BNMC's demolition plans.   He assured me that this information would be forthcoming as part of a "public process".  Matt also promised me a Trico tour if I was prepared to wear a special hazmat suit and respirator. 
There's no word yet as to when Harvey Garrett's "preservation roundtable" will reconvene.  

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I say knock it down!trico didnt give a crap about buffalo when they skipped off to mexico.Build something new in its place.I wont miss it!