Wiping Away Trico - Part III

Two public meetings to save Trico Plant #1 have been scheduled.  The first is Thursday March 22 at 6pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.  This is public hearing to discuss the local landmark application which was submitted by the Campaign for Greater Buffalo
Trico Plant #1 - Early 1970's
Trico Plant #1 - early 1970's
The second public meeting, organized by the Campaign for Greater Buffalo, takes place on Tuesday March 27 from 6:00-7:30pm at the historic Promised Land Baptist Church at the corner of Mulberry and High in the Fruitbelt. From the Campaign: 
Speakers include Ellicott District Councilmember Darius Pridgen, architect and Campaign for Greater Buffalo President Paul McDonnell, “Trico Baby,” preservationist, and small business expert Susan McCartney, real estate development expert Eric Lander, and Campaign Executive Director Tim Tielman. Learn how and why Trico Plant No. 1 must be saved, and how it can meet the needs of the Fruitbelt, Allentown and downtown, as well as the medical campus. 
Stay connected and current with Trico Plant #1 news via the Campaign's facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

that's an amazing pic

Resurrect Buffalo said...

From what I have read and been told (hearsay in litigation terms) portions of the Trico Building roof are, literally, missing and the estimated cost is in the millions.

Personally, I find that difficult to believe and knowing first hand this type of reinforced concrete design, the rebar in the columns would have to be almost entirely corroded before this monolithic building was to ever become unstable.

Perfect example is the Webb Building where the roof had collapsed taking the third floor along with it and I know that building was post and beam construction so please spare me the innuendos on why this building should be demolished.