574 Michigan: What Remains

One of the last remaining pre-Civil War era residential buildings along Michigan Avenue was trucked to the landfill earlier this week.   This was a house that President-elect Abraham Lincoln would have seen while visiting Buffalo in 1861.   
untitled-5953574 Michigan - March 2012
Here's what the house looked like four years ago. Two years ago 574 Michigan was on the market for $69,000 according to this Buffalo Rising post.  The owners plans to renovate after the fire in 2010, gradually ground to a halt.   
574 Michigan - March 2008
The street improvements seen in the first image - new sidewalks, curbs, trees and lighting - represent the  Brown Administration's commitment and significant investment in the neighborhood's African American Heritage Corridor.  Some readers may recall the fire thirteen years ago that destroyed another neighborhood landmark and one of Buffalo's designated local landmarks one block away.  Here's that story of Buffalo's fabulous Little Harlem Hotel and nightclub located at 496 Michigan Avenue.   
Additional background information regarding the history of this Federal Style residence can be found here - 574 Michigan: Heading to the Landfill.

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