Wiping Away Trico - Part IV

Tonight's public hearing about land marking the historic Trico Plant #1 is set for 6pm in Council Chambers on the 13th floor of City Hall.  You'll want to read Geoff Kelly's Artvoice cover story Wiped Away about Trico and the City's preservation battle of the year before you attend.  
From Wiped Away
Let’s assume for a moment that two years from now, the Trico building will be gone. Maybe just part of it will be demolished, with some remaining structure left standing or a design echo paying homage to what was once there. Maybe all of it will come down—a blank slate. How will this have come to pass? If one were compelled to identify one moment, one action, which pushed the iconic, sprawling Trico Plant #1 onto the road to demolition, it might be this one: read the rest
After tonight's public hearing Preservation Buffalo Niagara is holding their teach-in on Trico.  That begins at 8pm.  BNMC Executive Director Matt Enstice will discuss BNMC's future interest in the site. Here's PBN's announcement

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Resurrect Buffalo said...

Tragically, the kiss-of-death is a compromised roof but in the Trico’s scenario, 40-50% was removed with good intentions for asbestos abatement but the removed sections were never replaced and the building’s interior has been exposed to the elements ever since.

Every photograph I see, I cannot help but notice the surrounding parapet is indicating signs of stress fractures and it is only a matter of time before sections begin to collapse onto the sidewalks and street below – definitely a liability issue and perhaps exactly what the owners are waiting for as it is the perfect excuse to implement their demolition plans.