Sacred Heart Church: Slated for the Landfill - Part II

The interior of Sacred Heart Church has been stripped.  The pews and religious architectural detail are gone.  Most of the stained glass went missing years ago when a deadly propane explosion shattered the neighborhood in 1983. 


Dozens of slate roof tiles are missing and water infiltration is taking its toll on plaster and ornamental detail in various places in the Church's sanctuary.  The attached rectory appeared to have been occupied by squatters for months.  A recent water bill arrived showing that Rev. Ronald Kirk's Witness Cathedral is $23,000 past due - here.  

untitled-4613 untitled-4630

Despite the wear, open windows, running water and plaster damage the church building appeared to be in sound structural shape.  The rectory was in similar condition.  The convent next door was sealed shut.

As of this afternoon a Housing Court warrant for the arrest of Rev. Ronald P. Kirk remains outstanding.  The warrant was issued by Judge Patrick Carney almost a year ago.  He allegedly lives in Derby, NY in a 7 bedroom beachfront estate (bing map).  

Judge Carney's demolition order for Sacred Heart Church and the City's asbestos abatement permit are in place.  The fate of this neighborhood landmark remains uncertain.  

Information about Sacred Heart's remarkable neighborhood history and details about Rev. Ronald P. Kirk were covered in Slated for the Landfill - Part l.  

Additional images of the church's interior are available in the Sacred Heart image archive 


Buffalo Resurrection said...

Ok, fine, City of Buffalo, you win…

The demolition will begin and another building, that we could not afford to build today, will be carted-off to the landfill.

You are victorious in your blatant ignorance.

However, look at the rafters in this building and tell me, with a straight face, that there isn’t a contractor who would be more than willing to remove them for reuse in a future project as well as the molding and trim.

Also, several panes of stained glass remain n tact; are they Tiffanies?

If so, you may want to remove the remaining glass and auction-off to help pay for the cost of demolition or is that simple procedure beyond your comprehension or is this just another example of “I don’t care because this building represents white history?”

This building et. al. represents the history of the City of Buffalo and it is black, white, brown, yellow and green for that matter.

Pull you head out of your ass.

Elliot Cuomo said...

I would like information on 1.) how to start a landfill company in Buffalo
2.) how to start a demolition company in Buffalo