Farming the City in Cold Spring

I caught up with Daniel Ash the other day on Riley Street.  He'd just started preparing the land and turning over the soil for the City's newest urban farm.  In cooperation with a number of local homesteaders, neighbors and supporters, Daniel has assembled a number of vacant lots in the City's Cold Spring neighborhood.
Here's a post from the Farmers & Builders site that will help you locate their work.  This exciting new urban experiment is also on facebook - Farmers & Builders The City's newest urban farm is located a few blocks away from the Cold Spring Cooperative Farm.   

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Resurrect Buffalo said...

I love this quote:
“What a different world I live in now! Buffalo’s East Side might as well be a different country from where I came from in Brooklyn. Technically, I live in Allentown, where I bought a home shortly after moving to Buffalo but now spend most of my time on the East Side. It is the land of opportunity. You can grow your own food in the city, fix up a house that costs $1 and live with minimal expenses. You can choose not to be a slave to a mortgage, employment, or a traffic jam.”

Unfortunately, the mass majority could not even conceive of a grass-roots movement which is why I find it so refreshing to read about this type of involvement in the city of Buffalo.

This is the type of person who should be Mayor and not the coalition of clowns!