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Buffalo's newest blog - Joe the Planner - debuted yesterday!
...in my humble opinion, there are scant few good urban planning blogs, so I wanted to create an enlightening, provocative, and entertaining forum for planning-focused issues in my hometown of Buffalo, NY.
"Joe" - covers the city's parking issue with his first post - Putting parking in its proper place.
The fresh angle is this: the city doesn't need to add another high-priced manager and yet another layer of bureaucracy. We can get much better management of downtown transportation/parking assets if we better utilize the resources we've already got. Private companies routinely reorganize management structures to adapt to changing conditions, so why can't the city?
On a related note, fixBuffalo readers may remember this pic from MJ's AirBuffalo series - yikes!
I'll be adding "Joe" to my daily read.
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1 comment:

Crisa said...

Nice blog, Joe. Go for it.

Off Topic: There's something of importance in the "MJ's air Buffalo" link. It concerns what demolition-involved guys used to do withing Buffalo and what they do now.

Clay used to be dumpted on the empty lots where demolitions occured. The clay came from other parts of Buffalo, was known, and folks taking possession of those empty lots knew what to do...

Now they dump ROCKS, unidentified bugs and unIDed weeds too!!!

And what is dumped shows up especially well in aerial pictures. (The light color is clay; the dark color is rocks.)

It also dates the dumpings as Then-N-Now! So,thank you MJW and everyone else featuring that on the 'Net.

(Buffalo's Mayor, auctioneers and Councilpeople, are you paying attention?)