Church Sale

I drove by Queen of Peace last week and noticed the sign.
Located at 1955 Genesee Street in Buffalo's Schiller Park neighborhood, the structure seems to be in great shape. Buffalo's architectural firm of Dietel and Wade designed the church in 1920, a few short years before they broke ground on Buffalo's art deco masterpiece, City Hall in September 1929. Here's the short history compiled by James Napora. Karl Josker, a local Buffalo photographer, has a pic of the building's sanctuary, here.
If you're interested in the future of heritage buildings such as Queen of Peace you may want to visit The Buffalo Religous Arts Center for additional information. Their first newsletter became available a few days ago.

I called twice last week and haven't heard anything about the asking price.
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Anonymous said...

very sad news

Anonymous said...

Check out that interior photo -- what a beautiful hammerbeam ceiling!

Anonymous said...

I really really would like to know the asking price. any chances for you to find out (would be a hussle to try doing it from europe over here)

SteveNTexas said...

I look at old churches and one day might by one that can be turned into a residence perhaps. Buffalo and Detroit have loads of them for sale and many are cheap especially per square foot.

The problems are 1. Heating- they often cost a fortune to keep warm
2. Converting them-usually extremely expensive 3. taxes -Buffalo is one of the highest taxing areas of the country. While they belonged to a church there was no taxes but now they may be taxed based on replacement value.

A great idea to save one but be CAREFULL.

SteveNTexas said...

Sorry for the by instead of buy - I need more sleep.

if you go to city-data.com forums theres one about converting old churches -just search.

There are about 4 more churches for sale in Buffalo. There's also a 4 building church facility for sale in the worst part of Niagara Falls, near South ave and 11th. The price has dropped from $400k to $300k and two weeks ago police were shot a block or two away. The assessed value is $1.2 million -imagine paying taxes on that amount.

I'm at fish2026@aol.com if any one likes to chat about this - I don't go on this site often.


Anonymous said...

Hey My wife and I are looking for a Church home in Buffalo or Niagara Falls If you know of one... I look at the one on Niagara Falls, near South ave and 11th. It's awesome......

Contact me at Buffalo2nite@hotmail.com if you know of any

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind. I added this photo to the Queen of Peace Facebook group.

Friends of Queen of Peace