City Buildings for-sale!

I noticed the 'for sale sign' for the first time the other day here at the corner of Best and Fillmore.
The City of Buffalo is selling this amazing building that was most recently the annex for the Highgate Heights school. According to the City's Division of Real Estate it'll go for $150K. Follow this link - Real Estate City of Buffalo - and then click 'public buildings for sale' which takes you to a .pdf document describing a number of offerings.
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The building's exterior appears to be very well maintained. Imagine the possibilities! Properly sub-divided this spot would make for some crazy loft spaces that would be adjacent to two of Buffalo's finest treasures - the Science Museum and an Olmsted Park. I spoke with Jay McCarthey in the Real Estate Division the other day and he informed me that City of Buffalo buildings that are available for sale will now have a for-sale sign.
Marketing starts somewhere. This is a good sign!
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Levvy said...

I noticed the city's official page has this property listed as "Sale Pending" as of 11/2008 - has the status changed? Depending on the interior condition, it would not be hard to find 10 or 15 people willing to form a co-op and covert it into individual lofts + common space.

fixBuffalo said...


When I spoke with the Division of RE I was told that sale isn't happening and the status has changed.

I agree about the space...