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The rehab of the Hamiltion Ward House was completed a few months ago on one of Midtown's most resurgent streets, Coe Place. A few fixBuffalo readers emailed me about the recent Buffalo News Home Finder cover story. Belmont Shelter is offering the fully restored Hamilton Ward House for  $875/month.
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While residents and the 'friends of Coe Place' are thrilled with the development and progress here on the street, we should also remember that the house, next door to Belmont's parking lot, might have been lost. Congratulations to Belmont Shelter on a job well done!
photo courtesy of Belmont Shelter
The spot-light here - Shining the Light June 2006 - was a first step and reminds us that saving a building or house here in the country's second poorest city often begins with light - a spot light. The Artvoice cover story from July 2006 is another reminder - here.
Here's Chris Hawley with Elizabeth Huckabone, President of Belmont Shelter, at last Fall's opening of the Hamiltion Ward House. I've included a number of salient posts about Coe Place and Artspace in my 'buildings & isssues index'.

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BlackRocker said...

Had a chance to tour the house during the renovation and I was glad to see this investment east of Main St. I remember exploring this neighborhood in the late 70's and being very impressed with the homes between Main and Michigan. At that time the neighborhood housing stock was still pretty intact with Northampton St. and Southampton St. especially nice. It is great to see fix buffalo bring long overdue attention to Buffalo's east side.

Anonymous said...

WOW- Hawley is hot! And so is the house! :)

Chris Hawley said...


Although I think the Hamilton Ward House is a bit hotter! :)

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of obstructionist do-gooders like you and Hawley getting in the way and saving old buildings. Belmont's plan to demolish this building to expand their parking lot was a perfectly sound and responsible one, especially for a housing organization.

Now we'll have to look at this old building for another 100 years. Have you no shame?

Bekah Williams said...

Hi Chris and company,

I've got to do some repairs to a house in a historic district. Do you know which preservation organization I need to contact to get the okay on making those repairs?

Click here for link to Board said...


The Buffalo Preservation Board (an entity of the City) is who you need approval from. The other organizations don't have an regulatory authority.

Michele Brozek is the staff member to the Board.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hawley is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Just saw that 25 Coe is for sale on craigslist.
http://buffalo.craigslist.org/reb/1002126000.html Any info?

houses rehabbed said...

I can't say enough about how impressed and enthusiastic I am to see this rehab. many all the other houses on Coe as well as the surrounding streets follow soon.

Roy said...

Anonymous 1/18:

I appreciate your point.

I would add that it's particularly shameless when a block resident circulates a petition to save a building and almost every resident of the street signs it.

Worse yet is when the petition sponsor is allowed to present the petition and speak at a Common Council committee meeting.

The final straw is when Belmont Shelter does a flip-flop. Instead of demolition they choose a gorgeous buildout. Why would they waste their time and money gaining credibility in the neighborhood and preservation communities?

Now they are stuck with a great property in an area on its way up- fast. The rest of us on the block are stuck staring at this "perfect" house. I compare the house with my own and shake my head ruefully. Must buy paint.

By the way, Chris is way hotter in person.