Broken Heart.

As seen on Fillmore Avenue this afternoon.
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Anonymous said...

What was this ? A neighborhood grocery store ?

fix buffalo said...


I really don't know what happened here. First time seeing this. Sad moment, right?

today when I saw this place - i saw a reflection.

Anonymous said...

This was a residence that the occupant decorated - guess the structure was unstable.

Crisa said...

Because the lower front windows are so high up, it's possible that this house once had a front porch.

About front porches: It was not long ago when it was possible to tell an "absentee- owned" house from an owner-occupied home by the dilapidated condition of the front porch. (But, twenty/thirty years ago the roofs were still savable)...

This is a different time though.

The oldtime absentees are now the newly hatched-out-O-the-investments-egg real-estate
'investors' and, it isn't about the dilapidation or long-gone front porches that are a dead giveaway anymore.

Now, it is the dead looking houses that no longer are a give-it-away or an absentee's income steal, so then what? Do the owners/
investors have a new tactic?

Just what is it with the all-year-round, open-window syndrome that is the newest prevalance?

And especially when the open window is just under the very, very old roof! Hmmm...

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