Going, Going...

Located at 94 Northampton - a block from Artspace - this house has recently been released by MBBA and has reverted back to the City of Buffalo. Saw the red mark of death on Saturday morning!
I first posted about this spot in January 2007 - Saturday Surprise, 100 Years Ago - when Joyce showed up with a picture of her family's house from 1906.
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Hands down this is one of the most amazing houses on the City's near East side. Like the Queen City Farm House at 194 East Utica that was placed on the local radar last year, I'd encourage any fixBuffalo reader to imagine what it would take to get a project such as 94 Northampton off the ground and completed.

Seriously gracious interior space - fantastic layout, woodwork - if you're into it - to die for and steps from Artspace. Interested in stopping this from being trucked to a landfill? Let me know...
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Anonymous said...

That really sucks. And it has a wonderful mature shade tree that survived last year's storm. Truly ironic.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! Were there interior pictures of it to see?

Anonymous said...

As I glance at the “before” and “after” photographs of this magnificent home I cannot help but wonder what the history of this home is (was) and what, exactly, brought it to this point of demise.

Since the original family still exists; when did they leave the family homestead and why? I would imagine that this was a fairly prominent family; so did they simply sell and move on or where they unable to maintain such a huge structure? When they left, was the home still in good repair or was it sold in lieu of repairing?

Why have demographics changed to such an extreme on this street? Clearly, the entire neighborhood was one of wealth based on the type of homes that still stand; even beyond the disrepair anyone can see money built these homes.

Monetary status changes, families literally die-off and/or move away depending on economic availability but again, as I look at this house and others in the immediate area, I cannot fathom anyone simply walking away from this type of house.

In fact, the house that sits directly behind this one is as equally fine and was probably built by the same contractor and may even have been owned by the same family.

The continuing tragedy of the East side of Buffalo continues and I wish that I had a spare $100,000 and was blessed with being more handy….

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful house.....depressing

Anonymous said...

What would it take to stop this house from being demolished?

Anonymous said...

i've fallen in love with this house... any updates? is it readily available?